Welcome to Cuba 8, a bicycle nonprofit project in Cuba. We are part of the Artecorte Comunity Project and our goal is to promote the use of bicycles, contribute to the development of healthy habits on the Cuban population and to stimulate the bicycle culture as a means for socialization.

Our work

We promote the use of bicycles as a legitimate means of transportation in the city through several free public events. We organize bike rides, free bike ride lessons, and free repair workshops.

Who we are

We are part of Artecorte, an organization with 20 years of experience in nonprofit projects, in collaboration with bicycle enthusiasts, and bike repair and rent businesses from all over Havana.


Why Cuba 8?

Cuba 8, located on the number 8 of Cuba street, in Old Havana, was the most famous bicycle shop in Havana, open from 1942 to the late 70’s.

As part of our work to rescue and preserve the history of our community, Artecorte researched its history and brought it back to life in the form of a nonprofit project aimed to promote the use of bicycles in Cuba.